An opportunity for Palath

It is with both pride and personal sadness that we share this letter from our founder, Palath Thonchar. Palath has been given an amazing opportunity to return to South Sudan as a Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources; a role which will have a great and lasting impact on the people there. It has always been Palath’s mission to help improve the lives in his village. In his new role, he will work to improve lives across all of Ruweng State (Panrieng and Abiemnhom). In his personal time, Palath will visit the clinic and be a local resource for the staff to communicate their successes and current needs.

We, the board members of South Sudan Village Care Foundation, are committed to continuing Palath’s mission to sustain the medical clinic in Panrieng. We wish Palath the very best on his new journey, as we continue along our journey with your support.

Palath Thonchar

Palath Thonchar

Dear friends and supporters of the South Sudan Village Care Foundation,

I am writing this message to inform you that I have stepped down from Board as of 4/11/2016. I have accepted a position in Ruweng State in South Sudan as a Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources. In this capacity, I will work hand-in-hand with farmers across the state of Ruweng in South Sudan so we can defeat hunger in Ruweng State and South Sudan. It is a tough task and I hope to make a difference.

As you all know, almost 15 years ago in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya I got in the line  to get the opportunity to come to America. And for the last 14 years and 10 months I made Rochester my new home. I am proud to say thank you for welcoming me and my friends to Rochester on June, 14, 2001. Over the last four years you all joined me on a journey of helping South Sudanese in the Village of Panrieng, South Sudan.

Today, I have decided to take on a different task of helping the same people of Ruweng State (Panrieng and Abiemnhom) back in South Sudan in a different way. This doesn’t mean the work you and I have done during those hours, days, months and years will come to an end.

On 3/23/2016 I was at the clinic and yes the clinic is still saving lives. That will continue with your support to the team on the ground. We have treated more than 10,000 children, women and men since we begun the work four years ago. I am asking all of you once again to continue with your support and the great work you have shown over the years.

I will see you in the near future.
Thank you,
Palath Thonchar