Every gift you make goes directly to the clinic

South Sudan Village Care Foundation
Thank you to all our wonderful friends and supporting donors. This year’s fundraising profits totaled over $11,000. Your amazing gifts will help us continually support the 9,000 women, children, and men that have already received care at our medical clinic in Panrieng,Unity State. Thousands more will come because this is a place where the weak get stronger, and Mothers and Fathers get help for their children and themselves. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We promise each and every gift you make goes directly to the clinic. $625/week is needed to buy medicines and air transport them to the clinic, and maintain operations thru the hard work of our clinic staff. Thank You Emmanuel (our Medical Attendant) and Philip (on-site Manager) and our cook/housekeeper for keeping the doors open to those that come desperately looking for help and relief.