Clinic Update – May 12, 2014

As you may well know, conflict between governing factions in South Sudan broke out last December which forced us to close the clinic in order to ensure the safety of patients and staff members. We were able to re-open after two weeks, but soon ran out of medicine and the continued unsettledness prevented the staff from traveling to Juba (the South Sudan Capital) for supplies.

In February Palath arrived in South Sudan and was able to purchase critical antibiotics and malaria drugs and arranged transportation help from the Samaritan Purse who brought the supplies with them on a trip to a nearby U.N. camp. From there, Panrieng villagers and staff walked more than four hours round-trip to retrieve and carry back the medicines to the clinic.  We have since been able to get another shipment, but costs have risen due to short supply.

Because of recent hardships in South Sudan, the needs of the clinic and its patients have never been greater. Thousands of people have been displaced from their villages, food is scarce, and no other medical facility or expertise exists within several hours walking distance.